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Android Studio Portable v2.0 Preview 9

Android Studio Portable v2.0 Preview 9
January 29th, 2016 Release.
In addition to bug fixes there are some notable features for the Android support in this new release of Android Studio IDE. Android Studio offers:
  • In this release, we've completely turned off in-memory dexing by default. We've spent the last couple of previews trying to fine-tune it, but there are lingering issues which continues to affect users.
  • This should hopefully make the builds work a lot better for many of you. (If things were already working well, you can continue with in-memory dexing by turning it on with android.dexOptions.dexInProcess=true.)
  • We've also continued to fix various Instant Run scenarios; in particular, using APK splits on API 23 seems to trigger some platform bugs, so for now we've switched over to using multidex for coldswap for both Lollipop and Marshmallow.


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